Drew Wiseman

Drew Wiseman of Marietta, GA, recently released his debut solo album, Shine

Elise Letourneau

Elise Letourneau of Ottawa, Canada, has won numerous awards for her choral compositions. In addition to numerous performances of her music, the Capital Vox Jazz Choir has recorded it. Visit www.capitalvox.ca.

Phillip DiTullio

Phillip DiTullio of Milford, MA, is working with Berklee’s Stan Getz Library to annotate notes from composer Joseph Schillinger to restore history from the years when Berklee was known as the Schillinger House. DiTullio is a cofounder of the Schillinger Society, which recently joined the Artists Recording Collective. Visit www.schillingersociety.com

Rob Disner

Rob Disner of Winston-Salem, NC, opened Idlewild Interactive Media Services, an audio/video conversion facility. 

John J. Marrs

John J. Marrs of Houston, TX, released the e-book A Better Way: Piano Method Book 1, which is available at Apple’s iTunes bookstore. 

Chris Fassbender

Chris Fassbender of Grand Rapids, MI, is the house drummer at Mojo’s Dueling Piano Bar in Grand Rapids, and was inducted into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame in April.

Dario Saraceno

Dario Saraceno of Wappingers Falls, NY, and his band Dario and the Clear released the single “Live Now” from their forthcoming CD. 

Seth Danielson Zaiser

Seth Danielson Zaiser ’11 of Mechanicsburg, PA, died on February 23. He was 22. Zaiser was an active music producer and vocalist, but was also interested in motorcycle mechanics and cooking. He is survived by his parents, George and Pamela.