Fall 2014 Semester T Pass

Payment for the Fall 2014 Semester T Pass must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, August 4, 2014. There are no exceptions.

For the first time, you have the option to PAY ONLINE.

1) If you choose to pay online, you may do so at www.berklee.edu/mbtapass and pay by Debit/Credit Card.

2) If you choose to pay by mailing in the attached form, you must also include a check made payable to “Berklee Student Activities Center”

Adam Benka '11

Guitarist Adam Benka '11, of Incline Village, NV, died on December 5, 2011. He was 22. Benka graduated in August 2011 with a degree in professional music. He was known as an enthusiastic and patient guitar instructor. He leaves his parents, Mark and Joyce, and a brother, stepbrother, and stepsister.


Cover Story: Chuck Doud: The Rhythm of the Game

Mark Small

When Chuck Doud chose music as his career path, he was just a youth in Easton, Pennsylvania, playing original tunes as the guitarist for a local rock band and hoping for a shot at the big time. Since then, Doud has made San Francisco his home, and millions of young fans around the world have heard his guitar playing. But in the early days, he couldn't have foreseen the setting for his music.

Rock and Seoul Scholarships

The CJ Scholarship for Korean students at Berklee is the first of its kind; it marks the first significant result of the college's global development agenda. The scholarship supports Korean students with outstanding merit, strong academic performance, and significant financial need. This fall, Berklee awarded scholarships to 10 students, out of many qualified candidates from Korea that, without any doubt, could not have completed their studies without this support.

Help for the Journey

Jim Ricciuti

As the new director of alumni affairs and the Berklee Fund, I am inspired to be part of this unique community of artists, musicians, innovators, educators, and entrepreneurs. You know firsthand what a special place the college is, and our goal is to keep you connected to it and one another.

A Partnership with Vision

Ginny Fordham

In 2003, when Chi Kim '06 was a first-semester student, he encountered many of the challenges that entering students face. He was an international student struggling to find his way around Boston, to navigate the Berklee environment, and to learn music technology. But for Kim the experience was even more challenging; he lost his sight at age three because of an accident during a heart surgery. Like so many of us, Kim was thrown into the Berklee waters and forced to sink or swim. He swam like an Olympian, choosing a double major in contemporary writing and production and songwriting.

Big Apple Spotlight

In 2006, Meghan Stabile '06 established the production company Revive Music Group with trumpeter Igmar Thomas '06 and emcee Brian "Raydar" Ellis '06. Revive Music introduces audiences to jazz and hip-hop through conceptual live-music productions and collaborations. The group's signature program "Revive Da Live" has garnered a huge following in New York and presented shows worldwide that bring together some of today's top jazz and hip-hop acts and emerging crossover talents.

Nashville Notes

David Petrelli

The calendar has turned to a new year, and the holidays are now behind us. But a few months ago, Christmas came early for some young Berklee alumni who are new to Nashville. On November 7, 2011, Nashville's famous Music Mill Entertainment (now home to the Nashville Songwriters Association International) hosted a workshop for recent Berklee transplants on the do's and don'ts of moving to Nashville.

The Woodshed: The Logistics of Circular Breathing

Players of various wind instruments use the circular breathing technique to play long, sustained notes without interruption. Musicians of diverse backgrounds who play the shawm, Australian didgeridoo, Sardinian launeddas, traditional Asian oboes and flutes, and more have employed the technique. Jazz players such as saxophonist Rahsaan Roland Kirk, trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, and Trombone Shorty, and such classical musicians as saxophonist Eugene Rousseau, clarinetist Martin Fröst, and oboist Marcel Tabuteau have also used the method.

Ten Things Alumni Should Know About Berklee

Luis Alvarez

Since my graduation from Berklee in 1983, I have observed the college's amazing evolution as a music education icon. I have watched this transformation as a Berklee in Puerto Rico program supporter, as the producer of the Puerto Rico Heineken JazzFest, and as a trustee.