Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music


May 18, 2009


May 21

Liz Longley

Kennedy Center,

Washington, D.C.

May 21

Butterfly Boucher

Cafe 939

May 22

Neara Russell

Institute of Contemporary Art

May 22

51-15 El Espectáculo

Berklee Performance Center

May 28

Jukebox the Ghost/

Jenny Owen Youngs/

These United States

Cafe 939

May 29

Steve Earle

Berklee Perfomance Center

May 29 & 30

Ryan's Smashing Life

Cafe 939

June 12

Joe w/Chico DeBarge

Cafe 939

Cris Williamson: Pioneer in Women's Music

Cris Williamson

The singer/songwriter and founder of Olivia Records, the first record label dedicated to releasing female artists, held a private performance for students at Cafe 939; visited classrooms; and took part in a Women in Music panel. Meg Todd, a CWP major in attendance, said, "I think it is really motivating to . . . respect, as female musicians, that our place here was so carved out."


Berklee Grads Find that Music Is a Smart Choice in the New Economy

When the economy goes down, hemlines go up . . . and so does the entertainment industry. Read about the future plans of recent Berklee graduates, see photos from commencement, and check out stirring words from keynote speaker Smokey Robinson and student speaker Sarah Noe.

Berklee Holds Audition and Interview Events in Kenya

This stop on the World Scholarship Tour also includes master classes, a roundtable discussion, and a public concert.

Caf Shows Dish Out Good Music

In Boston's smorgasbord of venues, Berklee's cafeteria holds a special place in students' hearts.

Berklee's First Fulbright

Fulbright Scholar Liz Davis Maxfield '09 is the first cellist ever accepted to University of Limerick's Irish traditional music master's program.

Faculty Fellowships Awarded

Richard Boulanger, Ruth Mendelson, and David Zoffer's innovative projects use the latest music technologies.

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