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Berklee Today: The Jazzaar Festival Marks 15 years

June 1, 2007
Alumni Fritz and Helen Renold direct one of Europe's most celebrated jazz education festivals.
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Berklee Today: Where the Metal Meets the Road

June 1, 2007
After 22 years together, Dream Theater is still virtuosic, dark, heavy, and going strong.
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Mexico City, Berklee-Style

May 31, 2007
A Berklee student leads an all-star group, courtesy of some international networking.
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Experiential Impact in Athens

May 7, 2007
One student offers her perspective on life in Athens.
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Berklee in Greek Tempo

April 18, 2007
News from Athens for spring 2007.
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Berklee Hockey: Cool Cats

March 28, 2007
"People in class would say 'What, Berklee has a hockey team?'" said John Kingsley, who can be credited with spearheading the creation of the team. "Now, they're like, '...
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Berklee Today: Changing Lives With Music

March 9, 2007
Berklee alumni are using their talents to make a difference for others.
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Student Profile: Claire Finley

March 8, 2007
Bass player Claire Finley concentrates on the groove.
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Panamerican Connection

March 5, 2007
A trumpeter shares his experiences of performing and teaching at the Panama Jazz Festival.
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Berklee Today: 21st-Century Prototype

March 2, 2007
Brian Transeau '89 is creating dance, film, and art music that's a revelation for the rising generation of laptop musicians.
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