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Tim Blane Band plays Earthfest

May 21, 2007

lease shorten and re-submit.
rocked 100000 people oh yeah

Berklee Today: Changing Lives With Music

March 09, 2007

All readers of this magazine have probably experienced music's power to move us to tears, bring a smile that overtakes the lips, compel us to dance, or console us when words are inadequate. Most...

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Berklee Today: 21st-Century Prototype

March 02, 2007

Because Brian Transeau (a.k.a. BT) appears regularly in magazines such as DJ Times, many think of him as a DJ. But he's quick to emphasize that he doesn't consider himself one at all. "I...

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Berklee Today: Mindi Abair '91

September 09, 2006

"It was a crazy thing to see Herbie Hancock's album under mine on that chart," says saxophonist Mindi Abair. "I just about fell over." The chart she refers to is the Billboard...

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Berklee Today: Stoking the Star-Maker Machinery in Los Angeles

September 09, 2006

"If someone told me two years ago that I would be on a TV show hosted by Brooke Burke and hanging out with Tommy Lee, I would have laughed," says drummer Nate Morton '94. Morton and guitarist Jim...

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