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Mike Magee finishes house

June 05, 2007

Mike Magee finally finished working on that house of his. .....ah, just kiddin' ya. He'll be working on that thing forever!

Berklee Today: Lee Alexander '93

June 01, 2007

Just six years ago, bassist Lee Alexander was a scuffling jazz musician living in San Francisco, uncertain about his future. "My mom would send me $20 now and then to keep me in ramen noodles," he...

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Berklee Today: The Jazzaar Festival Marks 15 years

June 01, 2007

After completing their education, many Berklee international students return home with a zeal to share their educational experience with their countrymen. The husband-and-wife team of Fritz Renold...

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Berklee Today: Where the Metal Meets the Road

June 01, 2007

Drummer Mike Portnoy '86 sits on a tour bus that's parked in front of Boston's Orpheum Theater. Tonight's concert is one of the few remaining in this year's G3 tour that features a set by Portnoy...

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fake news

May 31, 2007

just a testin testing