Student News

AUDIO: <em>We Are All Connected</em> (2006)

October 15, 2006
Students, staff, faculty, and alumni collaborate on a compilation of music inspired by the crisis in Darfur.
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Student Profile: Amanda Maestro-Scherer

October 8, 2006
Rather than the spotlight, music therapy major Amanda Maestro-Scherer seeks connection with her clients.
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Student Profile: Sung-Kyu Kim

October 8, 2006
Sung-Kyu Kim revels in the mathematical aspects of making music.
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Student Profile: Taylor Boillotat

August 16, 2006
Taylor Boillotat channels her New Orleans roots to become a better jazz musician at Berklee.
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Student Profile: Maeve Gilchrist

August 8, 2006
Harpist Maeve Gilchrist draws on her roots to inform her music.
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Student Profile: Lucas Vidal

March 8, 2006
Lucas Vidal fuses his love for composition and film.
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Student Profile: Bonnie Snyder

December 14, 2005
Bonnie Snyder's drive and ambition has her aiming high.
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Student Profile: Major "Choirboy" Johnson-Finley

December 10, 2005
Major "Choirboy" Johnson-Finley has his sights set on becoming an international Christian star.
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Steely Dan, Larry Linkin and William Davis honored at Berklee College of Music's 2001 Graduation

May 12, 2001
Students pay tribute in a two-hour concert of Steely Dan favorites.
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Commencement 2000

June 15, 2000
In one of Berklee's most eclectic commencement concerts in years, students paid tribute to three industry veterans.
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