Student News

VIDEO: Steel Player Adam Ollendorff

September 15, 2007
This guitarist and steel player credited his fellow students for helping him learn.
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VIDEO: Student Bassist Adam Popick

September 15, 2007
A bassist and recording engineer capitalizes on Berklee's musical diversity.
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Student Profile: Emily Elbert

September 11, 2007
Singer/songwriter Emily Elbert was 16 when she decided she wanted to go to Berklee. But where to find the money? All she could afford was burning a few original songs onto CD. But after getting some...
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Student Profile: Tiwa Savage

September 7, 2007
Tiwa Savage's life could have taken a very different track. Just a few years ago, the vocalist was working at the Royal Bank of Scotland, after graduating from the University of Kent with a degree in...
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Student Profile: Aishu Venkataraman

September 5, 2007
It's an ambitious plan: earn college and high school degrees simultaneously. Aishu Venkataraman, a violin prodigy who is wowing audiences worldwide with her South Indian classical music, is doing...
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Student Profile: Matthew Witek

August 23, 2007
Matthew Witek is getting as much teaching experience as possible as he prepares for a career as a music educator.
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Student Profile: Janet Onyenucheya

August 22, 2007
Janet Onyenucheya has come a long way from singing in front of her mirror with a toy microphone and tape machine.
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Student Profile: Emily Shackelton

August 13, 2007
Emily Shackelton found her voice as a songwriter at Berklee.
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PODCAST: Marcelo Woloski

August 6, 2007
Listen to a track from the latest release from Berklee's student-run jazz label.
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Student Profile: Niv Toar

August 2, 2007
From Israel to Boston, Niv Toar is performing as much as he possibly can.
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