Student News

VIDEO: Jennifer Hirsh

January 15, 2008
The Five-Week Summer Performance Program let Jennifer "eat, sleep, and breathe music."
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AUDIO: <em>The Berklee Monterey Quartet 2007</em>

January 8, 2008
Listen to the work of an excellent student jazz quartet.
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VIDEO: Rebecca Muir

January 5, 2008
When the Canadian songwriting major came to Berklee, she couldn't read a lick of music.
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VIDEO: Ryan Shergold

January 5, 2008
Shergold said Berklee gives him performance opportunities he would never get back home.
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VIDEO: Ali Slaight

January 4, 2008
When she came to Berklee, Ali discovered jam sessions and a culture of people who'd rather stay in and play music than go out to frat parties.
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VIDEO: Jeffrey Fajardo

January 3, 2008
This drummer is impressed by the range of styles people play at Berklee.
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VIDEO: Jeremy McDonald

January 2, 2008
Jeremy appreciated being able to create his own direction at Berklee.
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VIDEO: Sights and Sounds of Berklee

December 15, 2007
What's Berklee really like? Take a look.
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PODCAST: Grace Taylor

December 13, 2007
Berklee helps ring in the holidays with Sounds of Berklee, bringing you a Christmas favorite.
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VIDEO: Drummer Zach Mangan

December 8, 2007
Was it love at first sight? Learn how Mangan met a musical partner.
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