Student News

Internship Spotlight: Stephen Herring/North Star Media

March 30, 2009
An alumnus's internship at a music publishing company opened the door for a career in the industry.
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Student Profile: Brian Whelan

March 27, 2009
It wasn't long ago that Brian Whelan couldn't find middle C. Now he can't imagine doing anything other than music.
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Student Profile: Nili Brosh

March 18, 2009
A talented guitarist finds her voice at Berklee.
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Heavy Release: Students Turn Out Another Banner Album

March 6, 2009
Student-run record label Heavy Rotation Records celebrates its ninth CD release with a BPC show.
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Student Profile: Jack Shenker

February 27, 2009
In school for a second time, Shenker's devoted his Berklee career not only to learning music but also to helping other students navigate the system.
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AUDIO: Dorm Sessions 6 (Heavy Rotation, 2009)

February 26, 2009
Student-run Heavy Rotation Records releases its sixth Dorm Sessions compilation.
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Fourth Annual SXSW Party, March 20

February 25, 2009
Nine Berklee alumni and student acts perform at one of the music industry's biggest events.
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Rehabbing the Musician's Image

February 25, 2009
A survey finds that the perception of drug and alcohol use at Berklee doesn't match the reality.
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Women Musicians Network Concert March 12

February 13, 2009
WMN's 12th annual concert showcasing female students also features Mili Bermejo and Zili Misik.
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