Student News

PODCAST: Bent Knee

November 4, 2012
Bent Knee is a Berklee band that builds its sound on orchestral textures and haunting vocals, delivering a dynamic sound and presence. In addition to its original music, Bent Knee puts its stamp on...
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Jazz Revelation Records Presents: Ripple Effect, November 15

October 24, 2012
Berklee’s student-run label Jazz Revelation Records presents a concert featuring artists from the label’s latest album, Ripple Effect. The featured bandleaders—Daniel Rotem, Aris...
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Berklee Rocks CMJ Showcase

October 22, 2012
CMJ Music Marathon is New York's largest music event and Berklee was well represented by dozens of students and alumni performing showcases across the city last weekend, including seven acts that...
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PODCAST: Juana Aquerreta

October 19, 2012
A seventh-semester student vocalist from South America shines on original composition.
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Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra Mixes Classical, Gospel, and More

October 18, 2012
The 96-student ensemble takes on works by Adams, Glière, De Ritis, and more with unique instrumentations and moments of improvisation.
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Student Profile: Esther Rojas

October 12, 2012
Before enrolling at Berklee, Esther Rojas already had a successful career in Colombia, as a performing bassist and arranger with artists such as María Mulata and Amaxona, and a teacher at the Escuela...
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VIDEO: Latin Studies at Berklee

September 21, 2012
At Berklee, students from all over the world have the opportunity to learn about Latin music, blend it with other styles, and participate in the growing Latin music business.
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Berklee Monterey Sextet Plays Monterey Jazz Festival

September 18, 2012
The tradition continues as the Berklee Monterey Sextet heads to the West Coast to perform in the Monterey Jazz Festival.
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PODCAST: Matt Savage

September 5, 2012
Listen to a track by a 20-year-old pianist, soon to graduate from Berklee, who's received national exposure on television, radio, and top-flight venues.
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Student Profile: Jordan Williams

September 5, 2012
Jordan Williams was so impressed with the Five-Week Summer Performance Program last year that he came back for another session—this time to focus primarily on jazz.
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