Faculty News

VIDEO: Faculty Bassist Oscar Stagnaro

January 15, 2008
A professor of bass still feels the thrill of his early days after 20 years at Berklee.
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LaPorta Educator Award Announced

January 10, 2008
New York music director Donald Cantwell was recognized for his work building one of the nation's best music programs at the 2008 International Association of Jazz Education conference.
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VIDEO: Eguie Castrillo

January 1, 2008
Castrillo says it's an honor to represent what may be "the best school on the planet for jazz."
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VIDEO: Faculty Photos

November 20, 2007
Join students and faculty at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.
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The Art and Science of Music Therapy

October 21, 2007
Watch a video about the field of music therapy and meet the people who practice and support it.
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Behind the Music: Africana Studies

September 21, 2007
Berklee's Africana Studies initiative has opened up new ways of teaching and experiencing music.
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Berklee Today: Herb Pomeroy, 1930–2007

September 10, 2007
Trumpeter and jazz education pioneer Herb Pomeroy passed away on August 11.
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Berklee Today: Expanded Circuitry

March 15, 2006
Marking 35 years of electronic music studies and the 20-year anniversary of the Music Synthesis Department, Berklee unveils a new, dedicated studio complex.
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Defender of Freedom

August 18, 2003
Associate Professor of Ensemble and saxophonist George Garzone leads students on journeys of musical self-discovery.
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The Reel Story

June 19, 2003
Associate Professor Eric Reasoner offers students a glimpse of what the world of film score editing is really like.
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