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Berklee Today: Elisabeth Withers-Mendes '94

June 9, 2006
With a lead role on Broadway in The Color Purple and a recording contract with Blue Note, this singer is living her dreams.
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Berklee Today: John Blackwell '95

March 15, 2006
The most important lesson this drummer learned was to "put it in the pocket."
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Berklee Today: TV Realities

September 15, 2005
Behind the scenes with Kevin Eubanks '79 and the Tonight Show Band.
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Berklee Today: Juan Luis Guerra '82

June 15, 2005
By blending elements of contemporary pop and jazz with the folkloric music of his native Dominican Republic, Juan Luis Guerra '82 created a sound that became a musical sensation.
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Berklee Today: So You Want a Big Publishing Deal?

September 16, 2004
Organizing and administering your song catalog are sound career moves as well as necessary steps toward forging alliances with major music publishers.
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Berklee Today: Roger H. Brown

September 16, 2004
A lifelong passion for music, coupled with a reputation for innovation and entrepreneurial vision, indicate that Berklee's third president, Roger Brown, has what it takes to guide the college in the...
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Berklee Today: All the Right Moves

March 16, 2004
As his tenure as president at the college that bears his name reaches its finale, Lee Eliot Berk is pleased with the educational legacy his family is leaving.
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Berklee Today: Julian Joseph '89

September 16, 2003
With his career as a composer, pianist, bandleader, and BBC host in full swing, Julian Joseph is like jazz royalty in England.
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Berklee Today: Aimee Mann '80

June 22, 2003
After winning the battle for artistic control of her career, songwriter extraordinaire Aimee Mann now calls the shots.
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Berklee Today: Cyrus Chestnut '85

March 23, 2001
After releasing nine albums as a leader and playing on dozens more as a sideman, Cyrus Chestnut is following the path of the jazz pioneers and revealing himself through his music.
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