Alumni News

Berklee Today: Julian Lage '08

June 4, 2009
Julian Lage '08 strives to keep his music as relevant as possible.
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Berklee Today: Late-Night Virtuoso

June 4, 2009
While millions know him through his Jay Leno gig, guitarist Kevin Eubanks '79 takes his music very seriously.
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Alumni Profile: Dr. Judith Hellman '81

June 1, 2009
A musical education served this violinist well in her career as a dermatologist.
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VIDEO: Claire Finley '08 on Meshell Ndegeocello

May 10, 2009
One bassist met another at a performance clinic.
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Alumni Profile: Jason Bittner, Heavy Metal Drummer

April 27, 2009
Jason Bittner '89 of Shadows Fall told students you have to hit hard and work hard to achieve your dreams.
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VIDEO: The Video Game Orchestra Fills the BPC

April 15, 2009
Berklee students have embraced video game music in a big way, as shown by a big concert at the BPC.
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VIDEO: Composers and the Video Game Orchestra

April 10, 2009
It's not every day that the people behind game scores get to see their work performed live.
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VIDEO: Shota Nakama '08 Talks About the Video Game Orchestra

April 9, 2009
Video game music has gone way beyond blips and bloops, this Berklee grad said.
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VIDEO: Simon Lee '08, Coproducer of the Video Game Orchestra

April 7, 2009
Lee helped organize the BPC's first-ever video game music concert.
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PODCAST: Lalah Hathaway

April 3, 2009
Lalah Hathaway '94 sings "Breathe" in a new podcast, just ahead of the 25th anniversary Singers Showcase, featuring Hathaway, Paula Cole, and Elisabeth Withers.
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