Alumni News

VIDEO: Jazz Drummer Nicholas Falk '06

August 8, 2009
Falk performed with the Class of '11 Thelonious Monk Institute Ensemble at Cafe 939.
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VIDEO: Victor Gould '09 and the Thelonious Monk Institute Ensemble

August 7, 2009
This jazz pianist performed at Cafe 939 with fellow members of the institute's new class.
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VIDEO: Trumpeter Billy Buss '09

August 5, 2009
After graduation, Buss was going straight back to school—in New Orleans, with the Thelonious Monk Institute.
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Alumni Profile: Liz Davis Maxfield '09, Cello Pioneer

August 4, 2009
Berklee's first Fulbright Scholar created her own path to Ireland.
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VIDEO: Bassist Hogyu Hwang '07

August 4, 2009
This recent grad's headed to New Orleans to study at the Thelonious Monk Institute.
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Berklee Today: Alumni Shine Behind Hip-Hop Hits

August 1, 2009
Andrew Dawson, Dawaun Parker, and Makeba Riddick have rapidly become behind-the-scenes hip-hop stars.
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Alumni Profile: Big John Howell '82

July 10, 2009
Trained as a trumpeter, Howell made it "Big" in radio.
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Woodwind Master Charlie Mariano '51 Passes from the Scene

June 18, 2009
Kenton, India, ECM—Mariano did it all.
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VIDEO: Mark Turner '90 of Fly

June 7, 2009
When the jazz saxophonist came back to Berklee, he didn't just play for students—he played with them.
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Berklee Today: The Marketing Is the Message

June 4, 2009
Gerd Leonhard '87 shares ideas on how musicians can thrive in the "link economy," where audience attention will trump CD sales.
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