Alumni News

PODCAST: Katrina Bello '11

August 26, 2011
A talented alumna vocalist and songwriter from DC moves her career forward with a captivating new tune.
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PODCAST: Neara Russell '10

August 22, 2011
An iconoclastic composer and performer writes her own ticket.
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Alumni Profile: Shawn Thwaites '03

August 12, 2011
The phrase "Berklee family" is literal for this steelpan player, whose wife and two brothers also graduated from the college.
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Lessons from the Control Booth

August 11, 2011
Grammy-winning alumnus Dawaun Parker '05 shared the secrets of his success.
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Tour Survival 101 with Sugarland’s Annie Clements

August 1, 2011
Sugarland bassist Annie Clements ’03 gives summer students practical advice about how to be a working musician.
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When Johann Met Engelbert

July 29, 2011
Think a 75-year-old crooner's no longer relevant? He's changed the career of alumnus guitarist Johann Frank.
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Doctors, Lawyers, and Berklee Grads

July 28, 2011
Alumni have found that a music degree prepares them for graduate programs in other fields.
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Alumni Profile: Tommy Torres

July 28, 2011
Alumnus Tommy Torres '93 continues to put his Berklee lessons to use today as a professional musician.
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PODCAST: Dave Reffett '06

July 25, 2011
This metal virtuoso shreds the envelope.
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<em>Saturday Night Live</em> Keyboardist/Berklee Alumnus Plays Jazz at the Fort

July 18, 2011
Tuffus Zimbabwe, a City Music alumnus, will perform at a free show in his old neighborhood.
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