Instrument Repair Minor

The courses outlined as part of the instrument repair minor are designed to provide those enrolled a better understanding of the mechanics, assembly, disassembly, repair, and appropriate maintenance of musical instruments. Students are exposed to and learn how to diagnose an instrumental problem, estimate the time required to complete a standard repair, provide an estimate of the cost of the repair, as well as estimate the cost of associated instrument maintenance.

The overarching goals of the courses are to introduce the learners to the growing field of instrument repair and the essential tools needed to establish themselves as independent contractors. The instrument repair minor is open to all students enrolled at the college. Completion of the minor will be designated on the student's official transcript at the time of degree completion.

Required Courses

  • ME-387 Instrument Repair 1 (2 credit)
  • ME-P388 Instrument Repair 2 (2 credit)
  • ME-P389 Instrument Repair 3 (2 credit)
  • PM-340 Entrepreneurship (2 credits)

Elective Courses (choose two from the following)

  • LSOC-225 Principles of Economics (3 credits)
  • MB-131 Taxation in the Music Business (2 credits)
  • MB-201 Principles of Business Management (2 credits)
  • MB-211 Legal Aspects of the Music Industry (2 credits)
  • PM-310 Financial Management for Musicians (2 credits)
  • MTEC-308 Applications of Loudspeaker Design (2 credits)
  • LMSC-208 Principles of Music Acoustics (3 credits)

6 courses required for completion of the minor.

For more information, contact:

Music Education Department
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Chair: Cecil Adderley,
Department Coordinator: Bobbi Harman,