Seoul Jazz Academy, Seoul, Korea

The Seoul Jazz Academy is the first institution in Korea to offer systematic, extensive courses in popular, contemporary music education. Founded in 1996, the Seoul Jazz Academy is committed to fostering a positive learning environment for students and to help them embark on solid, well-balanced careers in the music industry.

The curriculum offers seven possible courses of study (diploma, pro-music, BIN-track, basic level, weekend, high school prep, and private lessons) which vary in degree, duration, and content. Majors include composition and arrangement, performance (jazz piano, guitar, bass, drum, vocal, and saxophone), film scoring, and recording engineering. We have grown to 60 teachers who are active in their disciplines and are devoted to the academy's 600-plus students.

At the end of each 12-week quarter, students hold a concert, showcasing new bands and new compositions. A year (four quarters) of study is commemorated with a set of CDs recorded and produced by the students and which consist entirely of student work. Guests from the music industry are invited to the graduation performance to help celebrate and to scout new talent.

Located on Taehak-Ro (University Road), a vibrant section in the historic part of Seoul, access is easy via public transportation. Facilities include 45 practice rooms, eight private lesson rooms, eight ensemble rooms, two performance halls, eight lecture rooms, five recording studios, one MIDI room, two Pro Tools labs, six lounges, 10 offices, one conference room, one library, and a staff dining area.

We have been a member of the Berklee International Network since 1998 and are striving to promote international student and faculty exchanges between our schools. The three words which guide our curriculum are: creativity, composition, and ensembles, and it is our humble wish to make the world a better place through music.

Seoul Jazz Academy
S.J.A. Building,
39 Yun Gun-Dong
Jongro-ku, Seoul, 110-460
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