Plan Coverage and Benefits

Berklee's Student Health Insurance Plan is offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts ( and is administered by Gallagher Koster (, a leading provider of insurance services for institutions of higher learning in the U.S.

If you have signed up for the student insurance plan at any time during the fall 2013 – summer 2014 academic year, your insurance covers you from August 15, 2013 through August 14, 2014. This is true whether you are enrolled at Berklee, have since graduated, or left the college. This coverage also extends outside of the United States. 

As a result of health care reform, Preventive Services have been further enhanced: Services that fall under the Preventive Health/Wellness Benefit are paid at 100% In-Network only with no cost-sharing (no co-payments or deductibles). Preventive Health/Wellness Benefits include, but are not limited to, routine physical exams, routine GYN exams, preventive screening and testing, immunizations and travel immunizations.

What Is Covered under the BCBS Student Blue Plan?

  • The plan offers comprehensive benefits that include hospital room and board, inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures, labs and x-rays, chemotherapy and radiation, inpatient and outpatient mental health services, physician office visits, consultant visits, ambulance, emergency care, and prescription drugs.
  • There is no maximum benefit under the BCBS Student Blue Plan.
  • A pre-existing condition is covered as any other covered injury or sickness.
  • Students have access to the BCBS nationwide network of preferred providers, pharmacy network, and other BCBS programs, such as the fitness benefit, reimbursement for designated weight loss programs, or "Living Healthy Naturally"—discounts on different types of complementary and alternative medicine services.
  • The pharmacy benefit program includes retail chains as well as independent pharmacies through the Express Scripts Network. (Click on Prescription Drug Coverage from the links at the left for more information.)
  • You can go to any provider; however, services provided by a participating network provider are generally covered at 100% of the preferred allowance, while services provided by an out-of-network provider are generally covered at 80% of the usual and customary charges. Benefit periods may vary (i.e., policy year vs. calendar year) per benefit. See the plan brochure for details. (Click on Finding a Preferred Provider from the links at the left for more information.)

For a detailed listing of plan benefits and out-of-pocket costs coverage, limitations, and exclusions, download the Berklee Student Health Plan: Summary of Benefits 2013-2014.pdf.

Off-Campus Coverage

Whether you are on semester break, summer vacation, or even studying or traveling abroad, Berklee's Student Health Insurance Plan (BCBS Student Blue Plan) provides the same benefits as if you were on campus. You'll be covered for the period for which you paid the premium.

In addition to coverage for medical treatment and services, you will also be covered for Repatriation of Remains, Emergency Medical Expense Benefit, and Travel Assistance Services through On Call International, the 24-hour worldwide assistance service. For more information, go to, and select "My Benefits and Plan Information" in the menu on the left for details on the services offered by On Call International.

*If you waived the student health insurance plan, this Program may be purchased on a voluntary basis Go to and select "Other Insurance Products" from the menu on the left for more information.

Dental and Vision Coverage

Berklee's Student Health Insurance Plan does not provide dental or vision coverage. However, students enrolled in the plan have access to discount programs available exclusively from Gallagher Koster at no additional cost. These plan enhancements, called Gallagher Koster Complements, include the Basix Dental Savings Program, EyeMed Discount Vision Plan, CampusFit, and On Call International Worldwide Travel Assistance Services.

For more information, select Dental and Vision Discount Programs from the links at the left, or go to, and select "Discounts & Wellness" in the menu on the left.

Coverage for Dependents

Insured students may also enroll their spouse, domestic partner, and/or children under the age of 26 who reside with the student. The enrollment deadlines to add dependents are: September 15 (fall), February 15 (spring), and June 15 (summer). Students may enroll their eligible dependents online for an additional premium by visiting, selecting ‘Dependent Enroll’, and completing the form by the published deadline. For information on additional premium costs (above the student premium) and coverage dates, contact Gallagher Koster at 800 391-8057 or email them at

Continuing Coverage after Policy Termination

Students may continue their coverage on a direct-pay basis through Blue Cross Blue Shield after their policy terminates. Go to and select "Visitor" and then "Plans & Products" to review and compare plans. You can also contact Gallagher Koster at for other possible plan options.