Berklee YouTube Hack Day brings together a group industry experts and alumni who have succeeded at making videos that have attracted massive viewership. They'll teach students exactly what they need to know to produce high-quality, compelling content.

Panos Panay is a Berklee alumnus, founding managing director of Berklee ICE (Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship), and a passionate entrepreneur and active startup mentor in the creative media space. As the founder of Sonicbids, he created the leading platform for bands to book gigs and market themselves online, building a subscriber network of 550,000 bands and 35,000 promoters from over 100 countries. He writes weekly about startups and entrepreneurship for blogs and publications such as Huffington Post, Forbes, WSJ Accelerators and Fast Company. Awards include Fast Company’s "Fast 50" honor; Inc Magazine’s "Inc 500";  Mass Hi-Tech All Stars; Berklee's Distinguished Alumnus Award; and Boston Business Journal’s "40 under 40." Panos is a native of Cyprus and holds a music business/management degree from Berklee.

Andres Palmiter has been an audience development strategist at YouTube for the past three years, where he has worked with Jimmy Kimmel, How it Should Have Ended, Soul Pancake, and Atlantic Records (among many other channels). He lives in Brooklyn, sits on the board of a bicycle non-profit, and has been playing the guitar with varying levels of success since he was six years old.

AJ Rafael is a Berklee alumnus, recording artist, and YouTube sensation whose YouTube videos have been watched by more than 106 million people, and his following on the platform boasts more than 500,000 subscribers. Since January 2011, Rafael has been consistently recognized in the Top 20 on Billboard’s "Uncharted" chart. Rafael released his album, Red Roses, in June 2011 in U.S. stores nationwide and digitally on iTunes. The album debuted at No. 4 on the iTunes Pop Album charts, charting in the Top 10 pop albums and peaking at No. 13 on Billboard’s “Heatseeker” chart. Rafael has performed throughout the United States and internationally, in countries such as Australia, Canada, Austria, and the Philippines.

Ben Meyers is a Berklee student, professional videographer, founder of 21Summit Productions, and recording artist with pop band Me vs. Gravity. His reason for coming to Berklee sets him apart. After working as a music video director and cinematographer in high school, he decided to avoid film school and the typically stiff competition for field work. At Berklee, he had the advantage of being one of the few students at the college focusing more on video more than music. He has learned a majority of his craft from doinga concept he feels strongly about. He has worked with student bands, professors, architectural companies, yoga pants companies, colleges, and more. He was the lead cinematographer on the feature film, The Guide.

Charlie Puth is a Berklee alumnus, artist, and producer who has garnered over 43 million hits on YouTube. Hailing from New Jersey, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter majored in music production and engineering at Berklee, and achieved a large YouTube following while still a full-time student. Charlie has been featured by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Perez Hilton (perezhilton.com), Ryan Seacrest (onairwithryanseacrest.com), and countless other websites showcasing his music. Charlie is currently focusing on producing records for a diverse roster of recording artists.