Global Studies Program

Berklee's global studies program provides forward-looking students with an opportunity to study abroad and work toward becoming successful global music leaders. Students spend a semester at Berklee's new campus in Valencia, Spain, where they'll take advantage of performance and experiential learning opportunities, meet with top artists, and network within the international music industry. The campus also features an International Career Center that enables students to begin planning their career path.

Courses are offered from across the curriculum and for a variety of majors, so all students will find the classes they need to progress in their programs and meet their graduation requirements. Faculty members bring a wealth of international experience—as musicians, industry professionals, and educators—and include Allen Bargfrede, Javier Limón, Victor Mendoza, Larry Monroe, and many others.

As globalization makes the music world smaller and more interconnected, successful music professionals must grasp how international audiences think and operate. Students in the global studies program will acquire critical skills in identifying opportunities and new market niches in a globalized environment. And while they study the global industry and Mediterranean music firsthand, students will also benefit from being immersed in other cultures and meeting fellow musicians from around the world.

For more information about the program, visit the Berklee in Valencia site. For specific questions, email or call 617 747-8536.