Faculty, Staff, and Administrative GLBT Allies at Berklee


Rick Applin
Office: Professional Writing Center, 150 Mass. Ave.
Mailbox: 254
Phone: 617-747-8103
Email: rapplin@berklee.edu

Lawrence E. Bethune
Vice President for Student Affairs
Dean of Students
Office: Suite 500, Uchida Building
Mailbox: 33
Phone: 617-747-2231
Email: lbethune@berklee.edu

Sally Blazar
Liberal Arts
Office: 7 Haviland, Room 202
Phone: 617-747-8586
Email: sblazar@berklee.edu

Kenn Brass
Professional Music
Mailbox: 131
Phone: 617-747-2416
Email: kbrass@berklee.edu

Ross Bresler
Liberal Arts
Phone: 617-747-2799

Sarah Brindell
Contemporary Writing & Production
Phone: 617-747-2745

Joe Burke
Phone: 617-747-2180
Office of Experiential Learning
Email: jdburke@berklee.edu

Eric Byers
Email: ebyers@berklee.edu

Janet Chwalibog
Academic Affairs
Phone: 617-747-2041
Email: jchwalibog@berklee.edu

David Clark
Associate Professor, Bass
Office: 3Z1 at posted hours or by appt.
Phone: 617-747-8144
Email: dclark@berklee.edu

Peg Codding
Music Therapy
Phone: 617-747-8678
Email: pcodding@berklee.edu

Camille Colatosti
Chair, Liberal Arts Department
Mailbox: MS-7 LART
Office: 7 Haviland
Phone: 617-747-2421
Email: ccolatosti@berklee.edu

Christine M. Connors
Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Office: 855 Boylston St
Phone: 617-747-2089
Email: cconnors@berklee.edu

Jeanine Cowen
Assistant Vice President for Curriculum, Academic Affairs
Phone/Voicemail: 617-747-8675
Mail: MS-1140-AAOF
Email: jcowen@berklee.edu

Brian Curr
Internship Coordinator, Experiential Learning
Mailbox: MS-899-EXPL
Phone: 617-747-8162
Email: bcurr@berklee.edu

Angela F. F. Davis
Director for the Office of Student Affairs & Parent Services
Office: Suite 500, 921 Boylston Street
Phone: 617-747-2330
Fax: 617-747-2009
Email: adavis@berklee.edu

Beth Denisch
Assistant Professor, Composition
Office: Professional Writing Center, 150 Mass Ave
Phone: 617-747-2809
Email : bdenisch@berklee.edu

George Eastman
Professor, Liberal Arts
Mail: FB-185
Phone: 617-747-8163
Email: geastman@berklee.edu

Marti Epstein
Associate Professor, Composition
Office: Professional Writing Center, 150 Mass Ave
Mailbox: 350
Phone: 617-747-8167
Email: mepstein@berklee.edu

Peter Gardner
Liberal Arts
Phone: 617-747-8186
Email: pgardner@berklee.edu

Debbie Gelinas
Director, Experiential Learning
Email: dgelinas@berklee.edu

Robin Ginenthal
Ear Training
Phone: 617-747-8191
Email: rginenthal@berklee.edu

Suzanne B. Hanser, Ed.D., MT-BC
Chair, Music Therapy
Office: 7 Haviland
Phone: 617-747-2639
Email: shanser@berklee.edu
Mail: MS-7 MTHE

DJ Hatfield
Office: 7 Haviland
Email: dhatfield@berklee.edu

Kathryn Hencir
Counseling and Advising Center
Phone: 617-747-2881
Email: khencir@berklee.edu

Michael Heyman
Liberal Arts
Phone: 617-747-8510

Lucy Holstedt
Phone: 617-747-8231
Email: lholstedt@berklee.edu

Jonathan Holland
Assistant Professor, Composition
Office: 155 Mass Ave, Room 301
Phone: 617-747-2865
Email: jholland@berklee.edu

Kudisan Kai
Associate Professor, Voice
Phone: 617-747-6008
Email: kkai@berklee.edu
Mailbox: FB-228

Sheila Katz
Liberal Arts
Phone: 617-747-8434

Robert Kaufman
Phone: 617-747-8360
Email: rkaufman@berklee.edu

Kaye Kelly
Ear Training
Phone: 617-747-8513

Laurel Kilbourn
Administrative Coordinator for Community & Gov. Affairs
Community And Governmental Affairs
Phone: 617-747-6057
Email: lkilbourn@berklee.edu
Mail: MS-921 CGA
Advisor, Berklee Union of Gays, Lesbians, and Everyone Else (BUGLE)

Renese King
Office of Student Affairs
Office: Uchida Building, Suite 500
Email: rking@berklee.edu

Lori Landay
Assistant Professor
Liberal Arts
Phone: 617-747-2747
Email: llanday@berklee.edu
Mail: FB-118

Phil Lima
Director, Retirement Plans/Executive Compensation
Office of Human Resources
Office: 855 Boylston St., 4th floor
Mailbox: 1140 Boylston St, MS-855 HR
Phone: 617-747-8020
Email: plima@berklee.edu

Andrew List
Mailbox: 244
Phone: 617-747-8177
Email: alist@berklee.edu

Jenna Logue
Assistant Director, Experiential Learning
Office: 899 Boylston St., 3rd floor
Phone: 617-747-8794
Email: jlogue@berklee.edu

Julia Madeson
Email: jmadeson@berklee.edu
Phone: 617-747-2113

Mike Mason
Assistant Chair, Liberal Arts
Phone: 617-747-2991
Email: mmason1@berklee.edu
Mail: MS-7 LART

Berke McKelvey
Ear Training
Phone: 617-747-3041

Jane Miller
Office: 5P2 (1140 Boylston)
Mailbox: 379
Phone: 617-747-8466
Email: jmiller@berklee.edu

Sarah Peck
Internship Coordinator
Office of Experiential Learning
Phone: 617-747-2180
Email: speck@berklee.edu
Mailbox: MS-899-EXPL

Rebecca Perricone
Liberal Arts
Email: rperricone@berklee.edu
Phone: 617-747-8844

Dale Pfeiffer
Phone: 617-747-8318
Email: dpfeiffer@berklee.edu

Jane Potter
Ear Training
Phone: 617-747-8596

Steve Prosser
Professor, Ear Training
Phone: 617-747-2248
Email: sprosser@berklee.edu
Mail: FB-517

Chris Purcell
Peer Advising Coordinator, Student Activities Center
Phone: 617-747-2349
Email: cpurcell1@berklee.edu

Ariadne Ross
Information Technology
Phone: 617-747-2926
Email: Ariadne Ross

Michael Shaver
Assistant Director - International
Phone: 617-747-2361
Email: mshaver@berklee.edu

Jane Stachowiak
Director of Student Wellness and Health Promotion
Student Affairs
Phone: 617-747-2411
Email: jstachowiak@berklee.edu
Mail: MS-939 SA

Omar Thomas
Assistant Professor
Phone: 617-747-2740
Email: othomas@berklee.edu
Mail: FB-198

Karen Wacks
Music Therapy
Phone: 617-747-8474
Email: kwacks@berklee.edu
Mail: MS-7 MTHE