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The Music Power Network fund scholarships to online students who wish to study online with

Music Power Network is a new online information service for independent musicians, songwriters, producers, artist managers, and people starting music companies. The web-based educational and consulting company provides online lessons, exclusive video interviews with industry icons, career and business planning tools and thousands of specially selected resources designed to help people achieve success in the new music industry. To make a contribution to the Music Power Network scholarship fund, click here.

This scholarship fund is supported by the efforts of many people including Dave Kusek, Terry McBride, Mike Dreese, Phil Ramone, Jessie Cappuccilli, Debbie Cavalier, Alicen Schneider, Amber Rubarth, Ariel Hyatt, Cris Williamson, David Kershenbaum, Derek Sivers, Eliot Scheiner, Fred Goldring, George Howard, Ian Rogers, J the S, Jeff Dorenfeld, Justin Shukat, Keith Garde, Kellly Cha, Larry Hamby, Lou Plaia, Mark Hoden, Mark Wood, Matthew Daniels, Michael McCarty, Mike King, Mike Tonnicliffe, Paul Hoffert, Scott Cohen, Steve Schnur, Mark Kusek, Eric Swanzey, Craig Reed, Carin Nuremberg, Lindsay McGrath, Tyl van Toorn, Jeff Telosi, Barry Kelly, Tim Luckow, Mike Kusek, and Sam Kusek.

For more information about creating or supporting scholarships, please contact Cindy Albert Link or Marjorie O'Malley.