TMS Payment Plan

Since 1990, Berklee has contracted with the company Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to provide students and parents with an interest-free payment plan option. TMS allows students to pay for the cost of a school year (excluding health and accident insurance, the laptop purchase, and summer charges) over two five-month periods as opposed to making payment in full at the start of each semester. Please know there is an annual fee of $75 (or a single-term fee of $60) to sign up with TMS.

For the fall semester, students must sign up for TMS no later than June 1. For the spring semester, students must sign up by November 1. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in the student owing one or more up-front payments at the time of signing up for TMS. The payment plan is not available for the summer semester.

To sign up for TMS, please visit Additionally, students may contact the Office of the Bursar, located on the second floor of the 921 Boylston Street building, for more information. The Office of the Bursar may also be reached via email at or on the phone at 617 747-2610 (select option #2 for TMS).