Film Scoring Courses


2 credit(s)
Course Chair: George Clinton
Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring
Required of: None
Electable by: FILM majors
Prerequisites: Take FS-340, FS-341, and written approval of course chair
Department: FILM

This class will compose and produce a complete score for a feature length film of the silent era. The final composed score will receive a full studio recording, and be performed live with the film in a performance at a local theater in the final weeks of the term. The students will each score, arrange, orchestrate and conduct the music for a reel (12-15 minutes) of the film, using thematic material provided by, and under the guidance of, the instructor. The recording of the final score will be dubbed to the film and will become an available, and archived, item for further distribution or broadcast, in a Berklee-based series of silent film scores (The Berklee Silent Film Score series). Admission to the class is highly limited, and interested students must submit examples of their work for consideration for acceptance into the class.


2 credit(s)
Course Chair: George Clinton
Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Required of: FILM majors
Electable by: CWPR, FILM, and ELPD majors
Prerequisites: CW-311 and CW-361 (CWPR majors); FS-340 and FS-341 (FILM majors); EP-321 (ELPD majors)
Department: FILM

In parallel with a student's development as a modern composer, arranger, and orchestrator, this course will develop his/her skills in emulating a live orchestra through effective use of software technologies. These skill areas include performance techniques (tracking), editing, automation (real-time and edited), mixing, production, and the creation of work templates.