Student Testimonials

"A successful internship is one which provides the honest and brutal truth about one's career path. However pleasant or unpleasant, it is not about gaining employment or having a good time, but about an opportunity to take your first steps into the 'real world.'"
Gregg Stein, Universal Music and Distribution, Wakefield, Massachusetts

"What else is there really to say except that your internship is the most important thing you could possibly do. It's where you take all this wonderful information you've been learning about from your professors and apply it to the real world. It's up to you from that point on to make your future happen. Get in there and really show them why Berklee College of Music students are the best prepared, the most knowledgeable, and the hardest working. I worked every day of the week, from open to close and with no pay. I lived in a triple-dorm-style room off of UCLA and worked for the university's catering staff on the weekends just to try and put a hundred bucks in my pocket every week. I met great people, lifelong friends, killer contacts, and many of the stars at Jive. Learn the word well, because when it's all said and done, the ones that get noticed sacrificed the most. Follow the advice Melissa gives—it could really mean the difference between a great time or a horribly missed opportunity."
Nick Park, Jive Records, Los Angeles

"Be a go-getter and get involved!"
Anthony Suarez, WEA, former intern/current employee, Woburn, Massachusetts

"The learning contract is quite possibly the best and most important part of any internship because it can make the difference between a rewarding experience and one that is a total waste of your time. Because I filled out a learning contract outlining to my superiors what I wanted to learn this summer, and they outlined the jobs I would be doing, I was able to work on projects that interested me. I know that I will be learning, and I won't be wasting my time, money, or opportunity."
Rachel Shapiro,

"Everybody should experience this area of work, especially the artist. It can open doors that you didn't even know were there."
Jonathan Crocco, Boston Musica Viva

"The [internship] journals made me realize how many things I was learning, because I had the chance to sit and think."
Angelo Magni, BMG, Milan

"The position helped me gain valuable experience which will undoubtedly help me succeed in my career. Plus, I made good connections."
Pablo Solorzano, Sony Music Distribution, Lexington, Massachusetts

"It really showed me the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to succeed."
Arland Nicewander, Sealed Fate Records, Boston

"Doing an internship rather than the senior practicum was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned so much, met a lot of great people, and made many valuable connections."
Bryan Farrar, Universal Music Distribution, former intern/current employee, Wakefield, Massachusetts

"Like anything you do, you're going to get out of your internship what you put into it. Desire, drive, dedication, and discipline are the tools that you'll need to succeed in any endeavor."
Chris Opperman, Virgin Records America, Inc., Beverly Hills

"This job really gave me the encouragement to go for it. Sitting at a desk at school and learning about it is one thing, but actually going out and doing something—seeing your work in action, on the Internet or wherever it may be—is something totally different. Proving to yourself that you can do something, that you can achieve all of your goals, is a very proud moment. I have felt that pride here."
Jana Berman, Zomba Recording Corp., New York

"I was able to work directly with each individual, at one point or another, in helping them complete projects. I gained insight into every aspect of the business. I also learned to accept new projects with confidence, yet to also not be afraid to ask for help."
Nathan Devore, Admusic, Santa Monica

"This position helped me improve my people skills a great deal. I am more comfortable around people I don't know. I have learned to be more expressive with my ideas, instead of keeping them to myself. I also felt like I was confronted by a whole new level of responsibility, and that I rose to the occasion."

"I was able to observe a lot of possible career paths for my future. I have clearer professional goals now that I've seen what I have to do to get where I want to be. I got to experience a lot of things that before I came here I had no interest in."
Jeremy Black, Capitol Records, Los Angeles

"I learned a great deal about how teams operate within themselves, with other teams, and with superiors. I was overwhelmed at first, but I now have new confidence working under pressure when so many people are counting on me."
Ben Frimmer, FleetCenter, Boston

"The fact that Interscope Records sells more CDs than any other label in the world, along with the fact I am in the sales department, is the best feature [of the internship]. I am learning the techniques of sales quite literally from the best in the business. My major went over the many aspects of the industry, including sales. I have been able to learn exactly what my teachers were lecturing about. I got to know almost everyone on my floor. This includes [people in] promotion, A&R, and marketing, among others. It reinforced the idea of showing up on time, ready to work with an outgoing attitude."
Parker Nusbickel, Interscope Records, Sales, Los Angeles