Major Specific Internship: XX-495

Number of Credits: 2

The Major Specific Internship provides an opportunity for students to work directly in a professional setting and gain valuable employment experience and knowledge of a specific field within the music industry. This internship is a great way for students to learn more about professional development and build their résumés, along with aiding them in the transition from academics to a career. These internships are an excellent way to put what students have learned in the classroom into practice, meet people within their areas of interest, and to further define their career interests and goals. These internships may be a requirement or an elective, depending on a student's academic program.

  • Internships may take place in a city of the student's choice and must be in a field related to student's course of study. Interns typically work 15-20 hours or more per week at the internship site, and must complete a minimum total of 140 hours over the 10 to 14 weeks of a semester.
  • To be eligible, students must meet certain requirements, including satisfactory completion of 50 credits (sixth-semester standing) by the start of the internship (meaning that they may start the process during their fifth semester); approval from the OEL; written approval from the course or department chair; and approval from their international advisor if necessary.
  • Students may enroll in additional courses while on internship, or may only enroll in the internship program.
  • XX-495 is open to students in all majors* as an Approved Specified Elective.
  • Note: Equivalent credit for prior experience is not available due to the requirement of concurrent contract between the internship site and the college.

* Internships are required for MB, MTH, MED students. The OEL does not facilitate internships for MTH or MED.