Internship Certificate Program: IN-103

Number of credits: 1 credit; does not apply toward graduation requirements; no tuition charge.

The Internship Certificate Program provides an opportunity for students and alumni to work in a professional setting and gain valuable employment experience and knowledge in their chosen field. This internship helps prepare students and alumni for future internships and employment in their fields of study.

  • Internships may take place anywhere in the world. The intern will work for a minimum of 50 hours at their internship site of choice for 10 to 14 weeks.
  • Housing is not provided by the college.
  • To be eligible, participants must have completed at least two semesters at Berklee before interning. Also required are approval from the OEL, and approval from their international advisor (when applicable).
  • Participants must complete a one-hour preparation seminar before accessing the OEL's internship database or registering for the course.
  • IN-103 is open to students and alumni from all majors. Upon successful completion of internship course assignments and satisfactory evaluation from the site supervisor, interns will receive a certificate of completion and a Passing ("P") grade on their transcript.
  • Note: Equivalent credit for prior experience is not available due to the requirement of a concurrent contract between the internship site and the college. Internship site placement is limited to situations approved by the Office of Experiential Learning.