Advantages of Employer Participation

With a Berklee intern, you can expect:

  • Students who have been screened and selected through an application process
  • Students who have discussed their plans and learning goals with the Office of Experiential Learning and a faculty sponsor and who are able to articulate what they wish to accomplish during their internships
  • Students who will have staff and faculty supervision and who will receive course credit for their experiences
  • Enthusiastic and bright students who are prospects for employment upon graduation
  • Temporary assistance for ongoing and lower-priority projects of importance for your organization

As an internship supervisor, your responsibilities include:

  • Providing whatever training the intern needs to understand your organization's culture and methods of task completion; assigning any readings that you feel would assist the intern in understanding your work.
  • Making the intern aware of your organization's insurance policy and informing the intern of any special insurance requirements for your environment; complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Assisting the student in completing the learning contract (form provided by the Office of Experiential Learning).
  • Signing off on the student's internship log of hours.
  • Speaking with a representative from the Office of Experiential Learning over the phone or during a site visit mid-semester to further evaluate the student's progress.
  • Completing an evaluation(s) of the student's performance (forms are provided by the Office of Experiential Learning).

Internship Location

An internship can be completed locally or away from the metro Boston area. While some internships do take students to New York, Nashville, or Los Angeles, many are local, allowing them to fit into a Berklee course schedule.


Compensation for internships is primarily at the discretion of the organization.

Academic Calendar

Internships will follow the same semester system in place for all students. Students may participate in a fall, spring, or summer internships.