Student Wellness and Health PromotionTry Two Free Visits at the Tennis and Racquet Fitness Center

Try Two Free Visits at the Tennis and Racquet Fitness Center

Monday / May 20, 2013 / 6:30 p.m.

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939 Boylston Street, Ground Floor
United States

Summer 2013 Fitness Savings
Fitness Club Offerings for Berklee Students


THE TENNIS AND RACQUET CLUB  is one of four area fitness clubs provide discounted student membership.
Program prices are further reduced by Berklee’s strategic initiative, LiveWell.

LiveWell is located in the SAC, Room 207, 939 Boylston St,, 617.747.2411.   Facebook: Berklee LiveWell     
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• Tennis & Racquet Club Fitness Center  •  939 Boylston Street – Ground Floor
Conveniently located, cardiovascular fitness center, weight training equipment & personal trainer on the premises
Semester Price - May 23–August 16 - $90
Phone: 617-536-4630     Manager: Tom Dobbins     Website:
Student Hours: M-F 6am-4pm and 8pm-11pm and Sat + Sun 10am-8pm – unlimited use
Semester fitness membership (May 23–August 16) for $90, Sign Up for Membership: Monday-Friday, 10am payable directly to Tennis & Racquet Club (check, credit card, and exact cash)

Take a tour of these FITNESS facilities - Enjoy a Free Visit or Two
Get more details from LiveWell Office
Facebook: Berklee LiveWell,, Google Calendar

ON CAMPUS - Dance Classes;  YOGA; Zumba; Meditation; Martial Arts
LiveWell Workshops and Consultations;
12 Step Support Groups AND MORE

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617.747.2411 • Room 207, 939 Boylston
Office for Student Wellness and Health Promotion / LiveWell