Berklee Summer in the CityErick Peralta

Tuesday / September 16, 2014 / 12:00 p.m.
Brewer Plaza
Boston Common

A musical multilinguist, Erick Peralta is a versatile musician with a special appreciation for all styles of music, permitting him to keep open ears for the evolution of music while still keeping in mind tradition and history. He is a pianist, arranger, composer, and educator originating from Lima, Peru, who can smoothly transition from Latin to jazz to popular music idioms.

From an early age, he was exposed to various styles of music: Afro-Cuban, Afro-Peruvian, and Spanish pop. Before leaving for work, his father, Raul, would sit him on his lap while playing the keyboard and sing Peruvian vals standards or a Camilo Sesto ballad. At the age of 3, Erick was demonstrating musical promise, playing clave, a cascara pattern, or a cowbell pattern along with salsa records playing in the background. Raised in San Francisco, Erick was enrolled in piano lessons at the Community Music Center with a scholarship for formal classical training. His father never had the chance to study music formally, so he wanted to provide Erick with the opportunity to nurture the talent he was blessed with.

Erick began playing professionally age 15 throughout the Bay Area with various salsa, Latin jazz, and other jazz groups. In addition to his studies at the CMC and the Jazzschool in Berkeley, he’s had the privilege to study with the salsa pianist Papo Lucca from Sonora Poncena, Rebeca Mauleon, Marco Diaz, Mike Rinta, and Oscar Hernandez from the Spanish Harlem Orchestra. A notable experience in his career was sharing the stage with Lucca. Soon Erick became one of the most requested pianists in the Bay Area Latin music scene.

Erick studies at Berklee with multi Grammy winners Luis Enrique, and Alejandro Sanz. In November 2013, he traveled to Las Vegas to perform at the Latin Grammys with Alejandro Sanz. While pursuing his education, Erick seeks growth and maturity in his music and an opportunity to pay forward what his father and mentors have done for him.