Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

As of summer 2013, Berklee has revised its satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and financial aid eligibility standards.

The revised SAP policy will impact the academic standing and financial aid eligibility of all undergraduate students. The new SAP policy was prompted by recently revised federal guidelines for financial aid awards and will combine and simplify Berklee’s existing financial aid and academic standing policies. This SAP policy will also serve as a more accurate and honest measure of student success, assessing the completion of coursework toward degree or diploma attainment while providing earlier identification of students requiring additional support during their enrollment at Berklee.

All students must meet or exceed the following three SAP standards at the end of each semester of enrollment:

  • a cumulative grade point average (CumGPA) of 2.00;
  • a cumulative credit completion percentage (CumCCP) of 70 percent, calculated by cumulative credit hours completed divided by cumulative credit hours attempted; and
  • the ability to complete degree or diploma requirements for graduation within 150 percent of the published length of the degree or diploma program (e.g., complete a 120-credit degree program within 180 attempted credits).

Failing to satisfy any one of the SAP standards for the first time will result in an academic suspension/financial aid warning notification. Students under warning will have one additional semester of enrollment to meet SAP standards.

Failure to achieve SAP standards for a second semester during the course of undergraduate enrollment will result in academic suspension and financial aid ineligibility. These students may appeal their suspension/ineligibility to the Enrollment Division Appeals Committee via an online appeals form. Appeals must be based on extenuating circumstances and written verification must be included. The Office of Enrollment will adjudicate all appeals.

Students whose appeals are granted will be placed on academic/financial aid probation and must agree to specific probation requirements and sign a reinstatement contract before they can enroll or have financial aid applied to their student accounts. Students who meet SAP standards at the end of the probation period will have their enrollment and financial aid eligibility restored. Students failing to meet SAP standards or terms of their reinstatement contract after their probation period will face academic dismissal and loss of future financial aid eligibility.