Alumni Advisors

The Berklee Career Network (BCN) is a Career Development Center (CDC)-managed database of more than 500 alumni. Alumni advisors are referred to students after a one-on-one career advising appointment. The BCN should be used as a resource to ask alumni for advice and to build connections, not to ask for jobs.

Common topics to discuss with an alumni advisor include:

  • what's happening musically in his or her area;
  • what to expect when transitioning from college to the professional world;
  • how his or her career path has evolved to where it is currently;
  • advice he or she would give, looking back on personal experience;
  • realistic career goals based on your interests and experience;
  • resources he or she has found most useful (for networking, finding local employment, or even finding a place to live); and
  • referrals to others who can help you expand your music opportunities.

How It Works

Here is how students at Berklee can get involved with the alumni advising program:

  1. Make an appointment for career advising so that we can discuss your goals and provide an appropriate match.
  2. You will receive an email from the CDC with a few advisors' profiles and contact information.
  3. Reach out to the alumni, letting them know how you heard about them, referencing points of interest from their profiles, introducing yourself, and asking a few good questions to get the conversation started.
  4. The alumnus will determine how much time he or she can give each person, so please be prepared, courteous, and use his or her time wisely.
  5. You can always come back to the CDC for more referrals after you've taken the time to contact the ones you've received.

If you're an alumni and would like to join the Berklee Career Network, please contact Julia Bingham in the CDC.