Berklee on the Road, Sao Paulo

Art of Improvisation: Blues and Jazz
November 1-4, 2012

Berklee College of Music will be traveling to Sao Paulo this November to conduct a workshop on the Art of Improvisation: Blues and Jazz.  The workshop is for all musicians - from classical, to pop, rock, jazz and more—who are interested in learning the art of improvisation from the blues and jazz traditions. The Art of Improvisation will present classes in lecture and master class formats, enabling students to learn about improvisational techniques and practice them in the master class, both in performance and composition.

Conservatorio Souza Lima
Rua Jose Maria Lisboa, 745
Sao Paulo, SP-CEP 01423-001

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Audition and Interview
November 5-6, 2012

Following this workshop, we will hold two days of auditions and interviews for our full-time undergraduate programs, located at our campus in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Registrants for this event must apply to our full-time program and complete their application.  Spaces are limited.  

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Each year Berklee tours the world in search of talented instrumentalists and vocalists who demonstrate the potential to succeed in today's music industry. An integral part of selecting our entering class is our unique audition and interview experience, designed to give students the opportunity to show their strengths while helping the college assess the applicant's ability to succeed in Berklee's highly charged and dynamic environment. Every applicant is considered for scholarship through our audition and interview process and millions of dollars are awarded each year to help our students pursue a Berklee education.