Faculty Notes

In January, piano professor Laszlo Gardony performed in the NEA Jazz “Masters on Masters” concert series, opening for the Gary Bartz Quartet. Additionally, the Boston Globe ran a full-page article on Gardony.

Visit lgjazz.com. 

Dave DiCensoDave DiCenso, associate professor of percussion, recently performed with Carole King for a fundraising event supporting New Hampshire Senator Jean Shaheen. This summer he will tour with singer Josh Groban. Visit davedicenso.com. 


Professor Barbara LaFitte was appointed to the board of the Boston Woodwind Society, which supports cultural and educational projects and performing opportunities for students and professional woodwind musicians. 

Associate professor Fred Lipsius released a jazz sextet CD titled Rhythm, Catch 4, featuring faculty members Greg Hopkins, Russ Hoffman, and Dave Clark, plus Les Harris, Jr. ’83. Lipsius produced, composed, and arranged material for the album, which is available at online outlets. 

Professor of percussion Jon Hazilla released the book Rhythmic Reflections on Creative Teaching

Peter Gardner, professor of liberal arts, presented a lecture and workshop on intercultural communication to students in the Master’s Program in Peace and Conflict Management Studies at the University of Haifa in Israel.


Associate professor John Stein and the Mingotan Project released the album Emotion, featuring associate professor John Lockwood on bass. The album fuses elements of jazz, klezmer, and Afro-Argentinian music. Visit johnstein.com.

Kevin HarrisAssistant professor Kevin Harris has been performing and/or recording with the Billy Pierce Quartet, Tommy Campbell, Richie Barshay, Steve Langone, Neal Smith and others. Visit kevinharrisproject.com. 

Assistant professor Caroline Harvey led the Berklee Slam Team at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitation. Harvey received accolades for her creation of a peer-assistance program.

Dario Eskenazi, assistant professor of film scoring, was nominated for the Argentinian Cóndor de Plata award for his score for the film Vino Para Robar. He recorded the score with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra last summer.