Faculty Notes

Associate Professor Ed Lucie released a CD featuring Steve Kirby. 

Professor Darrell Katz and the Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra released the CD Stories with David Harris, Bob Pilkington, Rebecca Shrimpton, and Norman Zocher. 

Through a faculty grant, Assistant Professor Ben Houge and other Berklee faculty presented the third “food opera” at Bondir Restaurant in Cambridge, MA. Enrique Gonzalez Muller was the engineer. 

Professor Tiger Okoshi will bring the Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble to the Berklee Performance Center on October 15. 

Professor Jon Damian presented concerts and workshops in Australia, including a show with his “Rubbertellie” guitar and live mural painting. 

Professor Greg Fritze orchestrated the new national anthem of Nepal. Sharad Gurung ’97, who is the son of Amber Gurung (the anthem’s composer), presented Fritze with an award.

Greg Fritze (left) and Sharad Gurung ’97

Greg Fritze (left) and Sharad Gurung ’97

Professor Michael Farquharson performed with Lorne Lofsky and Stan Samole at Canada’s Jazz on the Mountain Festival. He also moderated a master class with Jimmy Haslip, Charnett Moffett, and Holly Cole. 

Brad Hatfield penned arrangements and performed with Susan Tedeschi ’91 and the Boston Pops on July 4. Jon Finn, Richard Flanagan, Melissa Howe, and Barbara LaFitte, also played.

Associate Professor Darol Anger recorded an album featuring Joe Walsh, Lukas Pool ’12, Courtney Hartman ’12, and Sharon Gilchrist. 

Film Scoring Chair George S. Clinton composed and recorded the score for John McNaughton’s Harvest.