Berklee City Music

Berklee City Music is a nonprofit education program that harnesses the energy of contemporary music to reach underserved 4th to 12th graders. Students dedicate themselves to building their musical talent, their self-confidence and, in the long run, the strength of their community.

With year-round instruction, expert faculty, individualized mentoring, and a comprehensive curriculum, students are set up for success. Berklee City Music combines the breadth of Berklee resources, facilities, and available scholarships with an environment of attention and encouragement. Kids get the tools and support they need to flourish as students, musicians, and—perhaps most important—confident and well-rounded individuals ready to shape their world.

  • Berklee City Music Network

    The Berklee City Music Network connects Berklee City Music Boston with like-minded music programs in cities all over the country—including Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; New Orleans; and Seattle. The goal of the network is to provide kids with every opportunity to see their musical potential. This includes teaching and mentoring by Berklee graduates who live in their city, and access to the PULSE music method.


  • Berklee City Music Boston

    From middle school and high school students to seniors getting ready for college, Berklee City Music in Boston—the original City Music program—offers a series of age- and level-appropriate programs that make a positive impact on students' lives year after year. Since its launch in 1991, Berklee City Music has provided a continuing learning experience kids take with them for life.


  • PULSE Music Method PULSE Music Method

    PULSE, Berkleeā€™s Pre-University Learning System Experience, brings the Berklee curriculum to youth nationwide thorugh the music they love. Designed to support classroom instruction around the U.S., PULSE focuses on musical influences that originate in American popular culture.